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Power in Parity
Leadership Program

This program is dedicated to the concept that women executives and their allies can do more to address the corporate leadership gender gap. The idea is to explore what power women bring to the organization, what is needed to thrive within an organization, and how best to foster this experience for others as well.

Consider this a new model of evolutionary leadership that is not about competition, brands, or power structures, but a true exploration of you – your needs, your aspirations, your organization, and your own moment in time on your own personal journey.  Wherever you are in your own work life cycle, you can reveal more of your executive self through this five-day executive leadership program where we will retreat, regroup, and re-energize while partnering with women in various stages of transformation as well.


Program Cost

Cost is $2,570 per person. UA alumni are eligible for a 20% tuition reduction benefit.



Power in Parity
Takeaways & changes driven by alliances for change

Exponential Leadership
Building critical mass & harnessing talent in the face of exclusion

Unseen Barriers & Unconscious Bias
Overcoming the glass cliff while shaping practices and policies

Opening Doors for Self and Others
Best leadership practices of inclusive organizations

More Than the Sum of Parts
Creating a sustainable work & personal environment

WhoCan Attend?

Senior executive women and men who understand the crucial role gender can play in developing 21st Century leadership skills and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Diza Sauers
Professor of Practice in Business Communication, The University of Arizona

Joe Broschak
Associate Professor of Management & Organizations

Cindi Gilliland
Professor of Practice in Management and Organizations, The University of Arizona

Lesli Pintor
Lecturer in Business Communication


Eller Executive Education is currently seeking sponsors for the Power in Parity Leadership Program.  Benefits include promotion for your organization in our program marketing and a brief plug during the program to our senior executive audience.  To find out more contact us at executive@eller.arizona.edu.

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