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Our Approach

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The core of your Eller Executive Education experience is a partnership with our faculty-led team of experts. We work with you to provide solutions for your specific organizational challenges and use a variety of action learning methods to allow participants to immediately see how new ideas can work within their organizations.

Our applied learning designs have long-term impact, too, thanks to a rigorous approach to your unique “return on learning requirements.” We employ a variety of progressive teaching techniques in the classroom that move beyond traditional lecture and case method. Our teaching methods are calibrated to fit each specific audience, the culture of our client companies, our faculty’s areas of expertise, the nature of the material, time constraints, and other factors.


Five-step process



The impact of learning on the organization is not realized overnight. Working with you, Eller Executive Education designs with business and learning outcomes in mind. We define your objectives, articulating intended outcomes and then designing the appropriate solutions in a way that is customized to your business goals and organizational culture.

Our five-step approach takes participants from insight to action in a way that is tangible and measurable:

Our five impact steps

To learn how our approach can work for you, please contact us.

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