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Organizational Resilience
in Turbulent Times

Most organizations recognize that their future is increasingly unpredictable, and the threat of disruption is only accelerating.

All the while, leaders are using antiquated tools and business competencies to address new business challenges. It is time to build resilience and future-proofing for your organization with the knowledge and mindset needed to face these uncertain and volatile times.

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Eller Executive Education can support your organization in addressing the following challenges:

Turbulence and Decision-Making
Business turbulence requires even greater rigor from those executives making high-stakes business decisions. Yet our research suggests that many organizations do not have strong decision-making processes nor do they know how to assess the business outcomes of those decisions. Participants to our programs learn how to drive objectivity into the decision-making process, increase positive collaboration within their organization as well as with their partners, and drive more timely and rigorous business action. In our Decision Behavior Laboratory we create the opportunity for leaders to try out scenarios and model decisions, while our leadership faculty will observe team dynamics and help draw personal bias out of the process.

Managing Business Complexity
Globalization has positively impacted organizations by opening access to new markets, but it has also brought multiple layers of complexity that did not exist before. Leaders today face ambiguous situations that require a variety of decisions and responses and all too often they use the same leadership approaches that might work in one set of circumstances but not in others. Eller Executive Education has developed a new approach to leadership based on complexity science. Our applied learning approach backed by an industry leading assessment helps executives test hypotheses and monitor their response. Program participants leave with a better sense of how to calibrate their business responses and become more versatile in their approach.

We can also help you with:

  • Taking bias out of strategic decision-making
  • Building virtual and resilient organizations
  • Managing conflict through business turbulence
  • Thriving amid disruption
  • Lessons from global leaders


Dr. Lisa Ordóñez, Management and Organizations

Lisa Ordóñez is the Vice Dean and McClelland Professor of Management & Organizations and Marketing in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. She received her degrees from the University of California, Berkeley: Bachelor’s (1988) master’s in marketing (1992), and Ph.D. (1994) in quantitative psychology. Upon receiving her Ph.D., she joined the University of Arizona as an assistant professor in 1994, was promoted to associate professor with tenure in 2000, and promoted to full professor in 2007. Her research interests in human decision-making combine her quantitative training in psychology with applications in business. She investigates consumer decision-making and has published several scholarly articles and chapters in this field.

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Let Eller Executive Education help guide your business management and decision-making in turbulent times. Contact us today to learn how.

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