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Tap into the Boundless Digital Marketing Space

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Program at a Glance

8-week, comprehensive coursework

100% online

4 starts per year

Interactive assignments with in-demand tools

Time commitment of 6-8 hours per week

No prior education or experience required

About the Program

Earn your digital marketing certificate online in eight weeks with Eller Executive Education, the non-degree leadership development arm of the University of Arizona. Our mission is to prepare professionals for the ever-evolving world of commerce; we combine their knowledge with our expertise to transform participants into leaders and inspire them to move their careers forward.

Our 100% online Digital Marketing Certificate offers current and aspiring professionals across industries the chance to learn how to effectively implement digital marketing strategies and get hands-on experience using prominent digital marketing tools including Semrush, Google Analytics, Moz, and more.

Experiential Curriculum From a World-Class Institution

Eller Executive Education programs are ranked in the top 10 executive education programs year after year, and for good reason. We understand the approach and pace at which working professionals are able to learn and retain information, and have designed our curriculum to engage participants with interactive elements.

Our online certificate in digital marketing utilizes a scientific approach to the material, which continually reinforces the importance of bias-free decision-making in marketing strategy. Participants will also have access to a state-of-the-art A/B simulation tool. Playing the role of an eCommerce director, they will run and analyze randomized experiments to inform real-world product marketing strategies.

In this course, get an in-depth look at how both SEO and SEM help a company thrive. Learn to differentiate between the characteristics of paid search and organic search, gain insight into how Google has influenced content marketing, and use keywords to optimize marketing strategy.

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January 2, 2023

Total Tuition Cost: $3,475*

*This includes books, supplies, and fees.

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Digital marketing specialist is the #1 most in-demand marketing occupation by volume of job postings with digital strategy as one of the greatest skills desired by employers. —LinkedIn, 2022

Companies need professionals with a firm understanding of digital marketing, and demand for these skills is only going to grow as online interconnectivity continues to expand. You can earn your Digital Marketing Certificate online, completely asynchronously with Eller Executive Education.

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Our program is an opportunity to change your career or complement what you already know. Even for professionals outside of marketing, there are benefits to earning an online digital marketing certificate. It’s a way to better understand a critical part of an organization that you may not be regularly exposed to, and it equips you with skills you can use in any business position.
—Joe Carella, Assistant Dean of Eller Executive Education

Learn From Faculty With Extensive Real-World Experience

Our online Digital Marketing Certificate program is led by Brent Marinan, an experienced instructor and student director with master’s degrees in marketing, statistics, and management information systems. Not only does he have a voracity for learning and passion for teaching, he also knows what it takes to be a business leader. Prior to his tenure at Eller Executive Education, he founded and presided over a multi-million dollar e-commerce export business with multilingual staff and operations in the Americas and Europe.

Throughout our graduate certificate in digital marketing, you’ll have the chance to take part in three optional live Q&A sessions with Brent, where you can get answers to any programmatic questions or get career advice.

Meet the Faculty
Brent Marinan

What is Digital Marketing?
What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing touches nearly every industry and organization across the world. As the fourth industrial revolution continues to blend the physical, digital, and biological world, many organizations have a difficult time learning how to make the shift toward integrating automation and digital strategies into traditional and longstanding manufacturing and industrial practices.

Organizations must understand how to market their products and services effectively in a new age of interconnectivity and technological intelligence. Because of this, having knowledgeable digital marketing professionals to aid in digital transformation is vital to a company’s growth and survival. A better understanding of digital marketing and data analysis means better communication internally and with customers, the ability to analyze and diagnose potential problems before they are realized, and wider customer access.

What is Digital Marketing?
Who Can Benefit From a Digital Marketing Certificate?

There are boundless opportunities for the application of this certificate in digital marketing: the field extends across all industries and every level of an organization. Because of this, our program would benefit almost anyone. This program is a great fit for:

  • Traditional marketing professionals trying to get a more comprehensive understanding of digital marketing.
  • Professionals looking to pivot their career toward digital marketing.
  • Business-minded people who want to understand the broader implications of digital marketing on their current role or an organization as a whole.
  • Entrepreneurs ready to innovate their business model to accommodate the digital space.
What is Digital Marketing?
Why Work in Digital Marketing?

Organizations across the country need knowledgeable business professionals with a deep understanding of how to effectively implement digital marketing strategies that are proven to work. In fact, according to market research firm, eMarketer, by 2025, the digital advertising market is expected to comprise more than 75% of all media spending. PayScale states that professionals with digital marketing skills make an average salary of $71,000 a year.

Certificate holders could go on to build digital marketing careers in many different positions, including:

  • Content manager
  • Content strategist
  • SEO strategist
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Digital marketing analyst
  • UX designer
  • Social media manager
What is Digital Marketing?
What is the Difference?

Digital marketing vs social media marketing?

Social media marketing is just one aspect of digital marketing. Digital marketing encompasses every facet of marketing in the virtual space including digital media, website development, A/B testing, content strategy, keyword research, display ads, link strategy, and more.


Search engine marketing (SEM) involves using paid search ads to increase the visibility of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs), whereas search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on monitoring and optimizing a website to boost organic traffic. Our online Digital Marketing Certificate gives you a foundational understanding of how to use both SEO and SEM to improve marketing strategies.