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Fundamentals of Government Leadership

As our personal and professional lives are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are responding to needs expressed by our community by launching a series of new online courses. These highly interactive courses are designed to equip leaders with the latest tools from organizational psychology, neuroscience and crisis management to create and implement a customized action plan to manage the uncertainty, stress and extraordinary challenges we now face.

  • Courses can be taken independently or completed as a series to maximize these tools. 
  • Designed to be experiential, foster peer-to-peer learning and provide participants with cross-cultural and cross-industry networking opportunities.

Pay What You Can

$150 per course or $700 for all six courses

Build Your Community

Join a community of leaders from a variety of industries!

Experiential learning allows you to gain insights from other leaders.

Content by Eller Exec Ed

Ranked 7th among providers of executive education by Financial Times!

Course content is designed to honor your intellect and time.


"I did have an 'aha' moment: during a crisis like this one, managers/leaders need to prioritize the human connection."
-Participant Luisa Kidwell, MBA, Associate Director, EasterSeals Blake Foundation
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As the 7th ranked provider of executive education and part of the University of Arizona, Eller Executive Education feels a duty to provide access to high-quality learning experiences to everyone. Our rank reflects our deep commitment to highly experiential learning programs in context with the relevant business challenges our clients are facing.

When we experience extreme stress our ability to communicate diminishes rapidly. This leads to erratic organizational response and unnecessary conflict. We developed these courses to help managers and leaders through a time of heightened anxiety about the lives of employees and loved ones.

  • These interactive courses designed to share current management psychology and neuroscience are delivered by top faculty and practitioners
  • You will gain insights and tools to equip you to lead others through the uncertainty we face
  • Completing all four courses will result in your own tailored action plan to implement within your organization
  • Through experiential learning opportunities and group activities, you will also have a chance to hear from and share insights with other leaders

Come invest in yourself and be inspired through Eller Executive Education's community of leadership!

These courses were developed to help leaders respond to the turbulence caused by the pandemic. Each of these courses is still relevant and applicable in our complex post-pandemic landscape.

  • Engaging and Relevant - these are not webinars sharing tips and tricks; these are applicable intellectually engaging courses you will use
  • Concise and Convenient - these courses are offered each week and last only 90 minutes
  • Designed for Leaders - these courses offer tools and methodologies built on management psychology and neuroscience

Eller Executive Education launched these courses in response to the needs of our clients and community. We have designed these courses to provide practical tools you can implement as you lead through this time of change. We also hope that during our courses you will co-create solutions and experience a learning community through connections with others in the courses. Join us in expanding a community of leaders.

  • Courses include opportunities for small group interaction
  • Learning outcomes are enriched by the insights of participants from a variety of industries
  • Our growing community of leaders continues to encourage and challenge one another on LinkedIn

These courses are being re-designed. Complete the information form below to be added to the waitlist so we can notify you when they become available.

The geographic diversity was surprising and added value to the conversations. - Melissa

This course offered profound insight into leadership, resiliency, and being intentional during the crisis. - Shatila

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Overcoming Leadership Derailers in Times of Stress

man standing on rock triumphantly

In times of turbulence managing our stress can become overwhelming and in turn, our strengths can become our most significant liabilities. Self-confidence can morph into arrogance, skepticism quickly becomes cynicism and so on. We need proven tools now more than ever to help us self-manage and stay focused. This session is based on Robert Hogan’s decades of research on how leaders are likely to interpret the world and treat colleagues while under stress and pressure. In this session, you’ll self-assess yourself on 11 possible career-derailing behaviors and develop key risk mitigation actions.

Value Creation: Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity

This is an introductory session for managers and leaders with limited to no financial background. Participants in this session will gain exposure to the following concepts: the time value of money; the valuation principle; the framework to evaluate projects and how value is created. In addition, the session will provide a quick introduction to financial statements; cost-benefit analysis (NPV) and how changes in cash flows impact firm value.

Decision Making in a Crisis: How to Lead in Chaos

man looking at cell phone

How do you make effective decisions in volatile situations?

Based on military and emergency room situations, this module will help you understand what leadership behaviors and specific actions should be employed during times of complexity, disorder and chaos. This session will provide you with a leadership readiness framework  that allows you to create situational sense-making from the data you have available and to turn that into an action-focused decision-making plan. 

Deciphering Turbulence: Sources of Data and Insight

woman starting at airport signs

What do you turn data into action?

When we are experiencing turbulence, it is easy to lose track of what insight we need to make a good decision. It is important to ask good questions as well as progressing to where new insight and trusted intelligence is created. The Intelligence Gathering model shared in this course is derived from faculty research at MIT, UArizona and field observations at PWC. The focus of this model is learning to Monitor, Listen, Explore and Interact in order to select the best sources of data and insight while removing the "noise" common in times of turbulence.

Leading Resilient Virtual Teams: Unlock Opportunity for Innovation


How can leaders set the stage for resiliency and innovation during times of crisis?

Today more than ever leaders need to shift their mindset and change how they see the world. Complexity requires diverse perspectives and leaders need proven tools to help them build environments for teams to flourish. This course uses the researched backed Appreciative Inquiry methodology as a foundation to set the stage for resiliency and unleash innovation. 

Leadership Through Crisis: Effective Communication


How can you communicate effectively during a crisis?

When we are experiencing extreme stress our ability to communicate diminishes rapidly. This session will help leaders identify the tools for communicating effectively such as role and escalation planning, trust building and context management. Participants will learn how to use the SCARF model (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness) and an agile version of the STICC (Situation, Task, Intent, Concerns and Connection) protocol developed by Gary Klein to bolster effective communications especially in times of turbulence.

Participants who complete any four courses will receive a Leadership Readiness for Turbulent Times certificate.

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