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You’re the expert in your industry. We’re the expert in ours. When we come together, roadblocks become opportunities for growth and the potential for change is boundless.

Eller Executive Education works with the world’s innovators. Our client partners include Microsoft, APS, Charles Schwab, Caterpillar, Discover Network and PMA, to name a few. Across all sectors and industries, our faculty has the expertise to analyze your business challenges and develop strategies to overcome them. Together we design programs that resolve immediate challenges and set you up for long-term success.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We collaborate with organizations from around the world.

As partners in transformation, we create custom programs designed to meet specific organizational goals. Our clients include:

Client Success Stories

Custom programs with real impact.

We help our clients focus on their future by creating innovative programs that have real impact today.

Eller Executive Education works with organizations from all over the world and, together, help their leaders move their organization forward. The following are examples of the diverse programs we’ve created for our innovative clients:

Changes in regulation and marketing standards create ongoing challenges—and opportunities—for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. In this increasingly competitive environment, pharmaceutical leader Roche saw the need to break down the silos between science and marketing.

Its goal? Drive greater innovation and effective execution to become a personalized healthcare provider.

Roche leaders collaborated with Eller Executive Education to create a custom program to provide foundational skills in marketing, finance and decision making. Using a variety of platforms and delivery methods, we enabled Roche’s scientists and engineers to consider the areas outside their expertise, such as market segmentation and return on investment, into their R&D activities.

Our faculty enabled Roche’s talent to:

  • Create strategies for leveraging large quantities of data to make effective decisions
  • Enhance understanding of financial metrics and risk management
  • Amplify skills in implementing innovation and identifying potential barriers
  • Improve measurement of value proposition and market segmentation
  • Develop train-the-trainer initiatives to amplify lasting impact within the organization

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DP World is a leading company in global trade with 78 operating inland and marine terminals across 40 countries and six continents. When its ability to recruit local talent was outpaced by need, DP World set out to develop the next generation of homegrown leaders.

The organization wanted these leaders to be exposed to the difficulties of a complex world—not shielded in a classroom on an academic campus—so they could become sophisticated global leaders just like their Fortune 50 clients and peers.

To advance the next generation of Emirati leaders, DP World partnered with Eller Executive Education. Together, we designed a custom program that would disrupt the existing United Arab Emirates-centric mindset to expose participants to 21st century models of leadership. By challenging the status quo and driving organizational innovation, the program had a profound impact on the lives of the participants—both personally and professionally.

A variety of learning methods were employed to accomplish this goal and help participants to:

  • Learn strategies for leveraging large quantities of data to make effective decisions
  • Develop an enhanced ability to make strategic decisions in a global economic context
  • Gain clarification of what each manager stands for as a leader, the leadership point of view and uniqueness
  • Increase capacity to communicate the DP World vision and strategy effectively
  • Practice the social finesse needed to push others out of their comfort zone to bring out their best

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Energy production and distribution is one of the most radically changing industries in the world. Leadership at Sid Richardson, a leading provider of services to gas producers and suppliers for more than 50 years, felt the shift.

While employees achieved operational excellence in production and maintenance at Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co., their leadership capabilities were lacking. To successfully navigate the dramatically changing business environment that includes fluctuations in commodity prices, constantly evolving regulations, overseas competitors and an evolving workforce, Sid Richardson partnered with Eller Executive Education to implement a dynamic leadership program with immediate results.

Building from a rigorous needs assessment, our faculty created a customized learning experience for these executives that allowed them to:

  • Gain increased self-awareness to help them identify gaps in their leadership approach
  • Build tools and capabilities to lead teams through this turbulence
    and successfully support the organization
  • Work more collaboratively and break organizational silos to bring agility in decision making

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