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Reach the peak of your business and management skills with programs developed with healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

In healthcare, great business and management skills can propel good care to excellent care, and they could make the difference between life and death. This is why you need access to experts who understand the unique challenges, opportunities, and changes within the industry. 

Eller Executive Education has partnered with OpusVi™, the leading healthcare workforce development company, to help you lead your healthcare organization into the future by accessing leaders in the field through our joint Healthcare Business and Management Academy. OpusVi™ is dedicated to providing customized educational opportunities that are designed for impact. They develop student-centric online programs and workforce development solutions with industry, for industry, by partnering with top-ranked academic institutions and thought-leading professionals.




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This partnership will equip those aspiring to succeed in healthcare with the necessary and effective skills to achieve their career goals. At the same time, the Mini-MBA format is flexible, fits hyper-busy schedules, and is a natural pipeline to our MBA degree programs. We’re excited to partner with OpusVi™ on timely and relevant educational offerings.

Paulo B. Goes, Dean and Halle Chair in Leadership of the Eller College

OpusVi™ Healthcare Workforce Development and Executive Education Partnership Programs

Mini MBA

Healthcare Mini MBA

Today’s health leaders need to have more diversified knowledge than ever before. They need an industry-specific understanding of economics and business, policy and ethics, and decision-making — all while continuing to sharpen their interpersonal skills. Eleven passionate and highly qualified academic experts from the University of Arizona’s Eller Executive Education and Eller College of Management condensed research-based content of an MBA-level into 12 weeks so that you can gain a healthcare-specific business foundation in a short time without sacrificing depth.

In an innovative approach, the curriculum features different kinds of champions: two-time Super Bowl champion Max Starks, four-time track and field Olympic medal winner Ato Boldon, and two-time shot put Olympic medal winner John Godina. These professional athletes bring their unique perspectives to achieving greatness on the job, overcoming failure while pursuing perfection, and performing under pressure.

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Mini-MBA in Rural Healthcare

Rural healthcare comes with a complex and unique set of challenges — at the same time, rural settings offer opportunities for growth and impact that are exponentially higher than those in urban areas. However, traditional healthcare management and business programs often don’t equip health leaders to navigate these environments. OpusVi™ and the University of Arizona’s Eller Executive Education believe that rural healthcare professionals deserve to be empowered to make a true impact on their communities and to pursue a highly fulfilling career. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Mini-MBA in Rural Healthcare, a condensed business management program with a twist, specifically tailored to the needs of rural healthcare professionals.

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Mini-MBA in Drug Commercialization & Product Strategy

With a focus on disease prevention, customized treatments, digital therapeutics, and the ripple effects of COVID-19 on healthcare, the pharma industry is changing at lightning speed. Pharma professionals need to navigate both the regulatory and business realities of the drug commercialization process and bridge the gap between scientific innovation and business goals in order to lead successful go-to-market strategies.

OpusVi™ and the University of Arizona’s Eller Executive Education have created the Mini-MBA in Drug Commercialization & Product Strategy to help you develop an understanding of pharmaceutical product development, commercialization, and regulations as well as the business and management skills that you need to master the drug commercialization process from bench to bedside.

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Mini-MBA in Senior Living

Taught by industry experts, academic specialists, and champion athletes, the dynamic Mini-MBA in Senior Living provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive set of business foundations and lessons in the context of senior living and person-centered senior care. You will be able to hone your leadership skills through a combination of business essentials tailored to senior living, interactive discussions, and a supervised capstone project to put your insights into action.

For professionals currently in or aspiring to have a career in senior living management, nursing home operations, or general geriatric care, this 12-week certificate program prepares you to excel in senior living management. You'll be given the tools to make a real impact on the lives of seniors and their families, and complete the program fully equipped to make a meaningful contribution to a growing industry.