Mobile Apps Can Be More Effective Training Tools than Traditional Programs

Nov. 20, 2016
woman looking at ipad

The days of printed manuals and endless employee seminars are going the same way as the fax machine: most businesses have one, but they've almost completely replaced it with newer technology. As technology evolves and HR embraces automation, cloud-based programs, and other high-tech methods, training has moved to computer screens. And, for the most part, experts agree they've had quite a bit of success and opened up opportunities for workers, as long as they're integrated into in-person training and the company's goals.

"Successful programs are those that are aligned with organizational goals," said Joe Carella, Assistant Dean, Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. A lot of times, companies will put a module online or in a mobile app without tying it to goals or the behaviors the company wants employees to display. "If you tie the program to the behaviors you're expecting, you're likely to get good results."

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Image Courtesy of Pexels