Why Your Best Employees Quit and How To Keep Them

March 21, 2017
Employees quit their jobs for various reasons, including better career opportunities, dissatisfaction on the job or personal growth. No matter what drives your team to exit, as a manager, you have an obligation to better understand their reasons if you want to retain staff members in the future.“Losing a key employee is often more detrimental to the business than losing a key client,” said Jeff Nussbaum, CEO and co-founder of Recruit, Inc., a site for recruiters and job seekers. “If you are constantly communicating with your employees and tending to their needs, hopefully they will not want to leave, and if they are considering it, they will be transparent upfront.”

Why employees quit (and what to do about it)

According to a 2016 CEB report, the five biggest factors survey respondents considered when leaving their last job include:

  1. Future career opportunities (42 percent)
  2. Compensation (36 percent)
  3. People management (35 percent)
  4. Development opportunity (31 percent)
  5. Recognition (29 percent)

Image Courtesy of Pixabay.