3 Essential Questions For Choosing Your Graduate Business Degree

Oct. 23, 2017
man in graduation cap

MBA, Masters, or even PhD? College-educated millennials stuck at a career crossroads often consider a graduate degree to get inspired, get ahead, and get paid.

Traditionally, prospective graduate students have looked to the MBA to get ahead in the business world, but the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data (BD) have expanded the options available to potential graduate students. Spawning from this demand, graduate programs like Masters of Business Analytics and Masters of Data Science have become more popular.

In addition to programs that provide students with the technical knowledge to meet the needs of AI and BD, business leaders have been called to improve their leadership and teamwork capabilities. Short leadership development programs, like coach certification, and longer graduate programs like Masters of Organizational Dynamics (OD) fill this need (full disclosure: I’m a faculty member in Penn’s OD program).

To help you decide on your best-fit business-related credential, I’ve polled my colleagues and other experts on critical questions to use to choose the right graduate business degree.

Dr. Evan Sinar, Chief Scientist & Vice President of the Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research, underscores the importance of developing your abilities, not only with technical knowledge, but also your “ability to get work done through others.” In other words, hard skills and “soft” skills are equally important to your future success.

The type of business you want to enter may also play a role in your choice of degree. Carrie Hall, leader of EY Americas Family Business, which has worked with millennial leaders, says that while many family businesses require their members to obtain advanced degrees before joining, it varies based on interests and intentions. An MBA is common due to its broad applicability, while a highly specialized industry may require a specialized degree.

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