Being Kind Makes You More Influential, Increases Productivity, and Builds Trust (According to Science)

Oct. 4, 2017

people with arms around each other

We live in a rough, rude times. From anger in the oval office, to road rage, to pundits shouting on TV, to companies where a toxic culture is not only condoned but promoted, it seems that meanness has become the nasty norm.

That's why I'd like to stop the madness and (politely) ask you to be nice. 

Yes, you should work and play well with others because your mama raised you right. And because your faith/philosophy teaches kindness and compassion. And because you know in your heart that being nice is the ethical and honorable thing to do. 

But here's another compelling reason to be nice: Doing so has the power to make you more successful. In fact, there are an increasingly number of studies that prove that kindness is not just nice to do, it actually gives you a competitive advantage over your uncivil colleagues.

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Image Courtesy of Pexels