Why #MeToo Will Not Stop Men From Hiring Women

May 22, 2018

signs at womens march

As the #MeToo movement marches on with no signs of slowing, the air is filled with warnings that men will react by refusing to hire and promote women.

At a seminar in California in March, self-help tycoon Tony Robbins argued that efforts to challenge sexual harassment would only end up punishing women. He offered an anecdote about a “very famous man, a very powerful man” who passed over a female job candidate despite her superior qualifications because her attractiveness made her “too big a risk.” Robbins cautioned, “a dozen men” had told him the same story. After a video compilation of his remarks posted by NowThisNews went viral, he apologized, admitting, “It is clear that I still have much to learn.”


But Robbins is not alone. The fear that #MeToo will provoke a female hiring freeze has been echoed by a flurry of news headlines and commentary by celebrities from filmmaker Steven Soderbergh to prominent women like Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg and “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski.

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Image Courtesy of Pixabay