The Digital Generation Talent Acquisition Paradox I Webinar I

June 25, 2018
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The Digital Generation, often identified as Gen Y and Gen Z, is entering a workplace that has become vastly different from that of their predecessors. Today’s workplace is infinitely more connected and global: an environment where competition for talent and knowledge transfer move at breakneck speed.

In today’s world, HR teams representing global businesses often face a paradox between following a more personal approach which works well with the digital generation versus following a globally standardized process and system for talent acquisition.

The differences between generations are pretty fundamental. Did you know that that the Digital Generation is slower at picking up non verbal cues? How does that affect a more traditional recruitment process made of career fairs and interviews?

In this webinar, Joe Carella walks us through different ways to manage the challenges and offer insights into how the Digital Generation will help redesign our approach to talent acquisition.

Joe Carella has over 20 years of experience helping executives and corporations in talent development, inclusive workplaces, managing change, strategy formulation, and execution.

His academic and research engagements have seen him focus on corporate strategy and business performance with a variety of corporate clients including Hershey’s, Chevron, Intel, Essilor, Xenel Industries, PDP World, and Discover Financial Services. He is also responsible for designing, developing, and delivering successful executive education programs for global corporations.

To participate in this webinar on Thursday June 28th at 8am MST click here to register.


Image courtesy of Pexels.