9 Expert Tips on Using Feedback to Increase Employee Engagement

July 10, 2018
people holding talk bubbles
Increasing employee engagement can be a vague, stressful, and unrewarding process for many businesses managers. You might be asking yourself: Where do I start? Will my efforts actually work? I'm stressed as it is, how will I even find the time? How important is engagement anyway, can't my employees just show up and do their job 
Experts say that employee engagement is one of the best indicators of business success and shouldn't be considered secondary to other business processes. But don't worry if the prospect of increasing employee engagement at your business seems daunting--there are many little things a manager can do to make employees feel valued and fulfilled.
A recent survey from Clutch asked 1,000 full-time employees about their job fulfillment. The results show that one concrete step managers can take towards bettering their employees' job experience is to provide more accurate, more consistent, and the right kind of feedback and evaluation to their employees.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay.