Educators Tailor Services to Individual Students with AI

July 3, 2018
computer with coding on screen

Education technology experts have speculated on the uses of artificial intelligence in analyzing big data to measure university outcomes, but recent software innovations have shown AI can be helpful on a smaller scale as well.

The growing market in AI has encouraged an explosion of personal applications to help university students receive the help and guidance they need, which can be difficult to get when a professor is speaking to lecture halls filled with hundreds of students.

While AI is already being utilized by universities for quantitative analysis, using machine learning to analyze qualitative data is a growing interest among higher education experts.

“Popular digital assistants perform queries, similar to a search engine,” Conrad Tucker, director of the Design Analysis Technology Advancement Lab at Penn State tells University Business. What we need is an interactive dialogue system that learns the needs of a student and remembers prior interactions.”

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Image Courtesy of Pexels.