How To Improve Your Status in 3 Simple Tips

Aug. 2, 2018

man adjusting necktie

While everyone was busy watching how fancy Meghan Markle’s wedding would be, millions of Suits fans were disappointed for losing two of the hit show’s leading characters Mike Ross and his lovely girlfriend, Rachel Zane, played by Markle. Since I'm a huge fan of the show who also happens to be a grooming expert, I decided to write a post on the single idea that Suits revolved around… Status. So here are my favorite three tips for building an impeccable status around people. All backed by science.

1. Dress for status.

Dress to impress as much as you can. Science found that you’ll trust a doctor more if he or she wears a white coat, so it makes sense that you wear the right clothes to inspire trust in people. In fact, some studies believe that by wearing clothes that you associate with certain qualities you will tend to embody those traits.

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Image Courtesy of Pixabay