How To: Deal with Different Personalities at the Workplace

Nov. 8, 2018
people talking

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities,” says author Stephen R. Covey. And that can’t be more true when you find yourself working with various types of HR colleagues found in every office and realize that different people need to be dealt with in different ways.

In this exclusive to Human Resources, these business leaders share their tips on working with different personalities. Let’s hear their secret!

"Learning for me, is number one. Attempt to speak to them in their language; by deep diving with the aid of some tools to understand their orientations. Once having met with some alignment, invite them to be ‘explorers’. Allow them new experiences and validations that will support their biases or consciousness. "- Minal Jagtiani, Co-Founder, LeadThink

"It’s neuroscience at work – recognize and become aware of unconscious biases and the impact these have in how we see others and others see us. Only then can we deal with each personality the way we should. Unconscious bias surfaces any time our brain tries to simplify the reality we observe, but it also tricks us into placing people into ‘tribes’ (e.g. young/old; tech/sales). When we simplify reality, we run the risk of oversimplifying and become unable to see personalities for the wonderful complex thing they are." - Joe Carella, Assistant Dean, University of Arizona

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