Graduation of the participants from the National Programme for Developing Leaders & Future Foresight

Oct. 26, 2023
Royal Academy of Management Graduates

Royal Academy of Management

     "The Royal Academy of Management held the graduation of the second cohort of the National Programme for Developing Leaders and Future Foresight on Wednesday October 25, 2023. The programme was designed in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and the Eller Center. Twenty-nine of the ninety participants held the position of Assistant General Manager, Department Director, and Assistant Director of departments, in the state’s administrative apparatus.

     Dr. Fathiya Abdullah Al Rashdi, Acting Vice President for Programme Affairs at the Royal Academy of Management, stated during her speech, “Human capital is the greatest wealth that countries possess, so investing in developing human knowledge, skills and experience is an urgent necessity imposed by rapid global changes. This is because people are the main engine for growth and development from all the available national resources and they directly contribute to all the many factors that promote sustainable progress and a clear vision. Without qualified national cadres, it is not possible to achieve the growth, development and advancement that nations aspire to.

     Dr. Al Rashdi further emphasised that this programme is designed to help change the mindset of leaders and increase their self-awareness and patterns of behaviour, as well influencing the behaviour of individuals, making them more capable of...."

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