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In today's ever-shifting socioeconomic climate, successful leadership is a moving target. Because of our expertise, Eller Executive Education programs give leaders tools to hone their aim.

As a leading provider of custom and open-enrollment executive education, we've helped shape the foundation of public and private sector leadership in the Southwest and beyond for more than 25 years. Our expertise inspires individuals, teams, and organizations to become more agile, resilient, and innovative. Designed to meet each organization's specific needs, our faculty-led team of experts creates programs to address the challenges associated with an increasingly global and complex business environment.

Digital Transformation

Unlock new opportunities. Radically improve performance.

Digital Transformation

Defining your digital strategy is essential for organizational success. When confronted by the rapid pace of change, intelligent leaders turn to the experts to help them compete while remaining true to their brand or mission. Eller Executive Education works with organizations to step up their response beyond the simple implementation of new technologies. Our management information systems program is ranked #3 in the nation.

Our research has identified different stages of digital readiness and six lines of developmental actions that can help your organization transform itself into a digital champion.

Eller Executive Education can also support your teams in addressing the following challenges:

Building the Business of the Future

We help your executives predict and evaluate how emerging technologies will disrupt and transform your talent, company and industry. We then guide you in creating a strategy to play to your competitive advantage. We’ll also shed light on leadership capability gaps and help you fill them so you can drive digital organizational change throughout your organization.

Leading the Digital Organization

Our faculty will help you rethink your organizational assets and teach you how to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation, all while integrating new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and the internet of things. As a result, you’ll learn how to create a common culture that builds on a strong and collective view of how the organization must evolve to compete.

We can also support your team by helping you to:

  • Integrate your traditional and digital strategies
  • Scale digital initiatives
  • Create new business and revenue models for the digital age
  • Build your organization's cyber-resilience
  • Make effective decisions in your big data-driven organization
  • Achieve digital transformation at the heart of your successful public-sector organization

Digital Transformation Research and Insights


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Organizational Resilience

Embrace disruption. Accurately anticipate change.

Organizational Resilience

In a rapidly changing world, you don’t need a crystal ball to make smart business decisions. Eller College of Management faculty pioneered their own brand of experimental research to shed light on important topics related to human behavior and organizational management. We use this scientific approach to help business leaders take the guesswork out of the decision-making process.

Eller Executive Education can support your organization in addressing the following challenges:

Turbulence and Decision Making

Participants in our programs learn how to bring objectivity into the decision-making process. They also gain insight into ways that increase positive collaboration and drive more timely and rigorous business action. In our Organizational Behavior Laboratory, we create the opportunity for leaders to try out scenarios and model decisions, while our leadership faculty will observe team dynamics and help draw personal bias out of the process.

Managing Business Complexity

Eller Executive Education has developed a new approach to leadership based on complexity science. Our applied learning approach is backed by an industry-leading assessment that helps executives test hypotheses and monitor their response. Program participants leave with a better sense of how to calibrate their business responses and become more versatile in their approach.

We can also help you to:

  • Remove bias from strategic decision-making
  • Build virtual and resilient organizations
  • Manage conflict through business turbulence
  • Thrive amid disruption
  • Glean lessons from global leaders

Organizational Resilience Research and Insights


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Future-forward Mindset

Agility and adaptability begin with an entrepreneurial perspective.

Future-forward Mindset

Eller Executive Education has developed generations of entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurship program is ranked among the top in the nation and our faculty has been working at extracting the core components of what makes entrepreneurs successful. We are now helping established organizations embed new ways to regenerate their strategy and kick start a dynamic new future.

Eller Executive Education developmental programs have focused on: 

Achieving Breakthroughs in Innovation

Most organizations struggle with creating a culture of innovation as well as managing the innovation process. Our faculty help teams reorganize for innovation by using new learning methodologies and new tools such as the Jim and Pam Muzzy Innovation Lab. Of course, we do not teach innovation in a vacuum: executives successfully reframe what it means to innovate within their organizational constraints and learn how to lead culture change that fosters innovation.

Building Organizational Agility

Likewise, most organizations struggle to compete for the future and are normally bogged down by established business practices and current but waning successes. Eller Executive Education helps participants develop what we call “business ambidexterity”—the ability to manage the successes of the present while building the organization of the future. We do so by employing a variety of learning tools and methodologies, including hackathons, futurecasting scenarios and learning labs.

We can also help you to:

  • Manage competing scenarios of growth
  • Decode leadership for the 21st century through adaptability and accountability
  • Align systems and resources to future-proof organizations
  • Tap the power of connected resources
  • Build your business through social networks

Future-forward Mindset Research and Insights


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